Sunday, November 23, 2008

Percy's Eatin' Japanese

Copyright c 2005 by David Paul Christman

(G – Am – Bm – Am pattern to infinity)

[G]Percy's in the [Am]sushi rice
[Bm]Supervising, making [Am]sure it's nice
[G]The perfect bed for his [Am]greatest wish
A piece of [Bm]tuna or some other raw [Am]fish[G][Am][Bm][Am]

He's playing with his chopsticks
A little Noh show -- people watch this!
If he could wield the knife, he'd by a samurai-ing
But when the fish is unwrapped, he acts just like he's dying!

Percy's eating Japanese
Skip the soy sauce, no ginger if you please
Light on wasabi, keep the pretty dish
Teensy bit of rice -- more fish!

(RAP) Now he's spread like a fan in front of the fire!
Licking his paws and his growing spare tire!
He might be persuaded to have another piece
His meow sounds like "make that two" in pidgin japanese!

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