Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Kitten Named Claude

Copyright c 1999 by David Paul Christman

(C -- F -- C -- G7 // F -- C --G7 -- C //)

There's a kitten crawling up my leg
I do not know his name (I'll ask).
Does he think I have a pirate pegleg
And he's crawling up the mast?

There's a kitten hanging from my hip.
(He says his name is Claude.)
Let me give this kitten one legal tip:
Climbing up me is outlawed.

A kitten kitten kitten kitten etc.
Kitten kitten kitten kitten named Claude.
Kitten kitten kitten kitten etc.
Climbing up me is outlawed.

There's a kitten clinging to my shirt,
He's puffing out his fur.
Now I can't tell the difference from
My beating heart and his noisy purr.

There's a kitten sitting on my shoulder here.
His teeth could use some brushing.
He's licking on my ear and nose
In addition to his other washing.

A kitten kitten kitten kitten etc.
I'm starting to feel like I've been pawed.

Yeah, Claude is sitting on my head,
His claws could use a trim, 'cause
Everytime he squeezes his paws tight,
The lights for me begin to dim.

There's a kitten flying to the floor.
Good thing he's got nine lives.
I wonder if I'll die from Cat Scratch Fever
>From Claude's ten razor-sharp knives.

A kitten kitten kitten kitten etc.
Climbing up me is outlawed,
'Cause I hate when I get pawed,
Maybe I should have got a dog.

Song Notes: There really is a cat named Claude, who is paralyzed from the hips down.
He has an indomitable spirit and gets along just fine. This song was
written after hearing about him.

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Allison said...

This is adorable! I hope you're never de-Claude . . .