Sunday, November 23, 2008

Feline Upholsterers

Copyright c 2008 by David Paul Christman

(2100 / 2110 / 2120 / 0100 / 2222 / 4444 )

Here I am, it’s a fact
Cat claws are exactly like upholstery tacks
Expertly placed up and down my back

I guess,
They all drifted in and without guilt
Pinned me in under my grandma’s quilt
Like tiny hardworking rumplestiltskins

I’m wide awake, deafened by the purrs
Of these expert feline upholsterers
I have to pee so bad I can’t think up a suitable curse

Looks like
The sunrise breaks in awhile
Who knew they were so versatile
I inhale and close my eyes and merge into the textile

Here I am, now a part of the furniture
When I’ll be released only their stomachs know for sure
Wish I had a camera, this would make a funny picture

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