Sunday, November 23, 2008

This Independence Just Makes Me Feel Like a Stray

Copyright c 2008 by David Paul Christman

Oh, how I hate to travel
Even just down the block, it’s
Noon and the day is starting to unravel
I’m dodging rabid dogs and bottle rockets

So, it’s slinking under oily cars
And hiding under porches dusty
Bombed out yards with giant scars
From teenage boys, so fireworks lusty

It’s another Fourth of July, hooray
I won’t be seeing a squirrel or blue jay today
They’ll all be hiding far far away
This independence make me feel just like a stray

I’m used to sleeping 15 hours at a time
But it’s early on the 5th and it’s still exploding frightfully
The fireflies are like little sparks sublime
That at least don’t hurt when they land on me

It was another 4th of July, hooray
They forgot to feed me and they’re sleeping in disarray
And all of the hot dogs have been eaten anyway
This independence just makes me feel like a stray

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