Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pippy The Schnoo

Copyright 2008 Pippy The Schnoo, Cyndi Craven

In the morning my mom turns the faucet on
I like to take a drink, fresh water in the sink
My name is Pippy… Pippy the Schnoo… doo-dee-oo-doo

And when I sleep, I stretch out my little white feet
My mom thinks it’s cute, me in my black and white suit
My name is Pippy… Pippy the Schnoo… doo-dee-oo-doo

I like to play, I don’t fuss
And I purr just like a Volkswagen bus
I’m friends with everyone
And I spend most of my day in the sun

I like to stalk anything that might walk
Past where I hide, look out I’ll surprise you
Here comes Pippy… Pippy the Schnoo… doo-dee-oo-doo

But not long ago, I had a tough row to hoe
I didn’t have a home, no mom or dad of my own
My name was Pippy… Pippy the sad-schnoody-boo-hoo

My owner gave me away,
‘Cause he moved somewhere that I couldn’t stay
I spent some time in jail
I didn’t get no phone calls or get no mail

And then guess who… a lady named LaRue
Came and took me to the home
Of my schnoodly-oodee-Cat-Mom
Whose name is Cyndi… Cyndi the Schnoo (she’s a schnoo, too)

And now I sit outside
Where I can sniff the air and I give a sigh
Oh, what a wonderful life
No kitty stress, and no kitty strife

I bite my mom to let her know she’s the one
That I truly love way beyond and above
And she loves Pippy… Pippy the Schnoo… doo-dee-oo-doo
And she loves Pippy (that’s ME!)… Pippy the Schnoo…
Doo-dee-oo-doo, doo-dee-oo-doo, doo-dee-oo-doo!


Allison said...

This one remains my all-time favorite. The original genius that started it all!

Patricia said...

This is one of my favorite songs.
I'm so glad you recorded it and put it where we can hear it.