Sunday, November 23, 2008

Little Zen Sandbox

Copyright c 2002 by David Paul Christman

(Japanesy Am – Dm – Em pattern to infinity)

I’m dreaming of your little Zen sandbox,
Three by three by infinity.
Tiny rake, little rocks
Under the shade of a sycamore tree.

Little rocks, tiny rake
Surest cure for a big headache.
It’s got class, it’s got Feng Shui
It’s a peaceful, natural matinee.

I’m sitting in your little Zen sandbox
Eating an apple, thinking of you.
Cool sand between my toes
Counting syllables for haiku.

I’m waiting for you –
A fluffy cat is scratching –
Digging up antiques?

Tiny rake, setting sun,
Little island of oblivion.
Getting lost isn’t very hard,
Without leaving your backyard.

I’m sitting in your little Zen sandbox,
I’ve got everything perfect for us.
A little dollhouse-sized bottle of warm sake.
Some sushi originally octopus.

Building a great wall –
Between fluffy and sushi—
Sand flying like swans!

Porcelain horse, wooden wall
A whole lot better than miniature golf
It’s exotic, It’s got charm
It’s got Japanese beetles crawling up my arm.

I’m dreaming of your little Zen sandbox
Three by three by infinity…

Where are you, snow pea?
Fluffy is playing koto
On the to go box

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