Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jump on the Scrabble Board, Percy!

Copyright c 2005 by David Paul Christman

(Country D – G – A7 chord pattern)

Jump on the Scrabble board Percy
I’m losing my mind, I need a little mercy

She’s had a giant bingo on a triple triple
I’m feeling linguistically crippled

It’s looking worse and I just drew out a q and 3 i’s
So before I curse jump on the Scrabble board, I need a big surprise

It’s something like 405 to 101
I’m wondering why I used to think Scrabble was fun

So, jump on the Scrabble board, you cute little orange cat
I’ll repay you later with a little warm bacon fat

I’ve challenged another word and lost my turn, now I’m pissed
Who knew the dictionary was one third botanist?

She got three of the esses and both of the blanks, I’m a chump~
I need a miracle Percy, come to my rescue, please, jump!

1 comment:

Allison said...

The best last word of a song I have EVER heard! Hope Percy obliged. And for future reference, Qi is a word in the official Scrabble dictionary. It means "the vital force that in Chinese thought is inherent in all things."